Christine Daoud of Rosenheim mourns the loss of her son and husband

Wreckage from Titan’s lost submarine has been found. On board was the husband and son of a woman from Rosenheim.

The submarine that was supposed to take five people to the wreck of the Titanic has been missing since Sunday. It has been clear since Thursday evening: the submarine has exploded. A few hours after landing, noises were recorded, indicating this. Chances of survival for missing persons: zero. According to the Coast Guard, they are all likely dead.

But hope of finding Titan and rescuing the passengers has diminished by the hour over the past few days. A native of Rosenheim may have cast a particularly worried look in the direction of the Titanic’s wreck. She feared for the lives of her husband and son – and is now in deep mourning.

Finding the Titanic Submarine: Christine Daoud of Rosenheim feared for her husband and son

We are talking about Christine Dowd. She was born in Rosenheim, and her family still lives in the area. Kristin Dowd now has the center of her life with her family in Great Britain. The 46-year-old is married to Shahzada Daoud, who is two years her senior and comes from one of the richest families in Pakistan. Together, the couple had a son, Suleiman, and a daughter, Alina. The Dawood family owns the public company Engro Corporation. The Pakistani company is mainly devoted to the production of foodstuffs, fertilizers, chemicals and petrochemical products, but is also active in energy and telecom infrastructure.

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Shehzadeh Daoud booked a ticket on Titan for himself and his 19-year-old son, Suleiman. According to US media reports, excursions to the wreck of the Titanic, which lies at a depth of about 3,800 meters, are provided by Ocean Gate Expeditions for about $250,000 USD. “Our son Shahzada Daoud and his son Suleiman set out on a voyage to visit the remains of the Titanic in the Atlantic Ocean. At this time, contact with their submarine was lost and only limited information was available,” the company said in the Daoud family statement released in Pakistan.

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Find the Titan Submarine: The Dawood family lives near London

Kristen Daoud visited Rosenheim recently to attend the funeral of her mother, Gudrun. She always returned to her homeland. There she did an apprenticeship at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences of Technology and Economics and then moved to Great Britain. At the age of 23, she married Shahzada Daoud V.I London. The philanthropist works, among other things, as a life coach, but also as an author. She is also active in her husband’s Daoud Foundation in Pakistan. The foundation’s projects revolve around the underprivileged in Pakistan.

The David family lives in Long Ditton, a suburb of London. As part of her husband and son’s adventure, she traveled to Canada about a month ago. Christine Dowd wanted to follow Titan’s voyage from there. Now her emotional world is likely to oscillate between hope and despair. The last thing that gave her hope was that the search teams heard underwater knocking. However, time is running out. The five occupants of the submarine are likely to run out of oxygen Thursday afternoon German time if they are still awaiting rescue.


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