A new study suggests that children ingest ten times more plastic particles than adults.

PET, also known as polyethylene terephthalate, is one of the materials plastic The most used today. They are especially found in kitchen utensils, cookware-resistant packaging, credit cards, bottles and flasks or even pillow and plush filling. Unfortunately, this plastic eventually ends up in our faeces after ingesting PET in the form of fine particles. A new study was published in Environmental sciences and technology arts Confirms, moreover, that droppings Children It contains ten times more PET than adults.

Children with higher amounts of PET than adults

In this study, researchers analyzed the soiled nappies of six one-year-olds, three newborns and ten adults. For the first group, they found 36,000 nanograms of PET per gram of stool. This amount is ten times higher than that found in the feces of adults. On the first stool side, meconium, infants had a PET concentration similar to that of adults.

The media Futura Science He explains in particular that previous studies have already proven this Children are very vulnerable to plastic, particularly baby bottles, floor mats, carpets, pacifiers, toys, synthetic and plush fabrics… However, the effects of microplastics on health are still uncertain. With regard to PET in meconium, this could be a sign that the particles can pass through the placenta.

Thus, the researchers in the study declare ” Plastics have long been considered inert and, after ingestion, pass directly into the digestive tract before being excreted in the stool. However, recent research indicates that microparticles smaller than 10 microns can cross cell membranes and reach the circulation. ยป.

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However, several measures can make it possible to reduce the ingress of microplastics: prepare baby bottles with less hot water, prefer clothes and toys made of natural materials, or even vacuum regularly to remove the presence of microfibers on the floor.


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