Knowledge magazine “Checker Tobi” was shown on Saturday (8.1.2022) on TV. You can read all the information about the repetition of “Der Zahn-Check” online in the media library and on TV here at

Checker Toby By Kika
Photo: KiKa, transmitted by FUNKE Guides

On Saturday (8.1.2022) “Checker Tobi” was shown on TV at 7:25 PM. You can’t watch Knowledge magazine on TV and still want to watch Episode 33 of Season 1 (“The Tooth-Check”)? Take a look at KiKA’s media library. There you will find many TV shows to broadcast online as VOD after they are broadcast. You can usually find the program online after it is broadcast on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. in a Glance There will be no repetition in linear TV at the moment.

‘Checker Tobi’ on TV: This is what ‘Der Zahn-Check’ is all about

Dental Examination: Toby checks exactly how our teeth are built, why they can sometimes hurt and how exactly this can be prevented. In the pediatric dental clinic, he is allowed to assist in the preventive medical examination of the patient at night. Then Toby has an appointment: with the orthodontist. Checks out how Toby’s teeth have changed thanks to his braces. Toby also meets Louisa, who gets fixed calendars today, and he lets her help. Finally, Toby examines the animals at the Nuremberg Zoo for teeth. Because in the animal kingdom there are the craziest bits! (Source: KiKa, submitted via FUNKE Guides)

A quick glimpse of all the information about “Checker Tobi” on TV

consequence: 33 / Season 1 (“The Tooth-Check”)

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Trait: dental examination

in a: kika

FSKApproved from 6 years old

year of production: 2013

Long: 25 minutes

in high definition: Yes

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