Home Health CDC: New COVID variant JN.1 more adept at evading immune systems, says Bio Prep Watch

CDC: New COVID variant JN.1 more adept at evading immune systems, says Bio Prep Watch

CDC: New COVID variant JN.1 more adept at evading immune systems, says Bio Prep Watch

Title: Immune-Evasive Coronavirus Variants Take Hold in the US, Raising Concerns

Subtitle: JN.1 Variant Increases Immunity Evasion, Takes over HV.1 as Dominant Variant

In a worrying development for the United States, two new immune-evasive coronavirus variants have emerged as the primary culprits behind more than half of the COVID-19 cases in the country. The HV.1 variant, which has been circulating since early September, is being overshadowed by the rapidly spreading JN.1 variant.

Recent data reveals that the JN.1 variant accounted for a staggering 21.4% of new cases last week alone, displaying a higher degree of immunity evasion when compared to earlier strains of the virus. This alarming trend coincides with a surge in COVID-19 cases nationwide, with weekly emergency department visits increasing by over 57% in the past month.

What adds to the concern is that the JN.1 variant has already surpassed the 50% threshold in some European countries, fueling worries of a potential surge in infections around the new year. The World Health Organization has designated JN.1 as a variant of interest due to its possession of more than three dozen mutations in its spike protein.

Despite these concerning developments, there is currently no evidence to suggest that JN.1 poses a higher risk compared to other variants. However, it remains unclear whether the variant causes different symptoms. Some experts, however, cautiously remain optimistic, speculating that JN.1 may become less virulent over time as part of the virus’ overall evolution.

Fortunately, new COVID-19 shots targeting the XBB variants do provide some level of protection against JN.1. However, the vaccination rates for the updated shot remain alarmingly low. This highlights the urgent need for improved vaccine distribution efforts to combat the virus effectively.

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It is important to note that the existing prevention measures against previous variants, including regular mask usage, practicing good hand hygiene, and maintaining physical distancing, continue to be effective against JN.1 as well.

As the JN.1 variant rapidly spreads across the United States, health officials and authorities must work diligently to ramp up vaccination efforts and ensure that the public remains informed about the ongoing threat. Vigilance and adherence to established preventive measures will be crucial in curbing the spread of this immune-evasive variant and protecting public health.


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