Caution for Drivers Heading to Canada: Watch for Hidden AirTags on Your Vehicle

Vermont Police Warn Residents to Check Vehicles for AirTags Amid Car Theft Concerns

Residents returning to Vermont from Canada are being warned by police to thoroughly check their vehicles for AirTags, which are being used by criminals in Montreal to track and steal cars. The stolen vehicles are potentially being shipped abroad as part of a car theft ring, as well as being used to transport drugs over the border.

Common hiding spots for the trackers include under windshield wipers, in the front grille, and inside unlocked vehicles. Similar incidents have been reported in Canada, with York Regional Police investigating cases where AirTags were used to later steal vehicles.

Apple, the company behind AirTags, has notified iPhone users if an unknown tracker is traveling with them and has released an app for Android users to search for the devices. Despite this, a class-action lawsuit has been filed against Apple claiming that AirTags are being used by stalkers and abusers.

In Washington D.C., authorities have issued AirTags to residents to help track down stolen vehicles more quickly, and the devices have been successful in locating stolen luggage. Apple has stated that it is not responsible for how AirTags are used.

With the rise of car theft using AirTags, Vermont police are urging residents to be vigilant and thoroughly check their vehicles for the trackers. It is important for individuals to take precautions to protect their vehicles and belongings from potential theft and misuse of technology like AirTags.

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