Cash Blessing for the Fourth Division: UnderHatching Millions Millions Due to BVB Transfer from Kareem Adomi.

The transfer of national player Karim Adomi to Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund has been financially beneficial to Bavarian regional league club SpVgg Unterhaching. When striker Red Bull moved to Salzburg in the summer of 2018, the former First Division club finalized the resale rule and are now getting it. Fixed fee of over six million euros With the option of two performance-based categories About a million euros. Also, as the club announced on Tuesday evening, if Adamis sells BVB to a third party, Unterhaching Fußball GmbH & Co. The KGaA Game Association may participate in the transfer proceeds.


Adami played in the Underhauchinger junior division between 2012 and 2018, where he moved to Salzburg to make his progress. Borussia Dortmund announced on Tuesday that they had signed a contract with Austrian champions Salzburg. The 20-year-old pioneer has been offered a five-year deal there, and is expected to fill some gaps in Erling Holland’s attack on joining Manchester City. The two clubs agreed in principle to an exchange, the details of the final deal have not yet been clarified. BVB Norwegian is expected to receive a fixed transfer fee of மில்லியன் 75 million, but there is no official information on the transfer fee for Adeyemi. According to media reports, this should be 30 million euros and a bonus.

SpVgg was pushed from 3rd Division to 4th Division in the previous season and is fifth in the table there.


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