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Carrots: the health benefits of Germans’ second favorite vegetable

Carrots It is my second favorite after tomato vegetables from the Germans. Carrots not only score delicious, but also have many health-promoting benefits Ingredients – And few calories.

In the cold autumn, it is especially important to To strengthen the immune system. To do this, we must eat nutritious foods as much as possible. One of them is particularly popular and is of German origin: Die carrot!

Popular with adults and kids

Thanks to its great taste, carrots are popular with young and old – especially in Germany. As the Federal Center for Nutrition (BZfE) at the moment message He writes, according to the latest information from the statistics portal statista, an average of about 11.5 kg of carrots was consumed per capita in Germany in the 2020/21 reporting period.

This puts carrots in second place Tomatoes As the most popular vegetable in Germany.

However, this statistic also includes the consumption of beetroot – Alias recycle house – Contain. However, because their share in consumption is (still) small, this does not diminish the importance of carrots.

Rich in healthy nutrients

Carrots contain 25 calories per 100 grams Low calorie content At the same time, it is full of vitamins and minerals such as pectin, folic acid, magnesium, iron, manganese and copper. At 3.6 grams, the dietary fiber content is relatively high compared to other types of vegetables.

Carotenoids, which are converted into vitamin A in the body, are especially valuable for health, according to Austria’s public health portal.Gesundheit.gv.at9820 mcg is the highest value found among all common vegetables.

carotenoids It gives the carrot its color. Therefore, bright orange carrots have a particularly high content of the vitamin A precursor beta-carotene.

Carotenoids have many health-promoting properties, including antioxidants. Delayed or long-term reflux in particular contains water-soluble pectin, which, among other things, swells in the digestive system. digestion can promote.

Because carotenoids are fat soluble, it is recommended Prepare Always add some good quality oil or fat.

Mainly from local production

The islands offered in this country come mostly local production. Washed carrots, washed carrots, and stored carrots are served, for example.

Carrots grow better crisp Stored in the refrigerator. They usually stay here for at least seven to ten days. In principle, plastic packaging can significantly extend the shelf life, but if condensation forms inside the packaging – which is very common – the risk of rotting and mold increases.

Then the outer packaging must be removed immediately. Because carrots sensitive to ethylene They should be stored separately from apples, pears or tomatoes, otherwise they will age faster.

Versatile and versatile

Carrots are used in many different ways in the kitchen: in salads, Spreadsoups, various vegetable dishes or as a vegetarian side dish with meat and fish. Carrots are very popular as a juice or puree, for example mixed with other fruits such as bananas or oranges.

In baked goods such as carrot cakes, cookies, and bread, carrots provide flavor and flavor the juice.

Carrots are often eaten raw as a snack or in a salad. The beta-carotene content can be used better in cooked, roastedpeeled or cooked…

herbal tree leaves Carrots can also be eaten, for example in soups or in salads.

Carrots should be washed and brushed before processing or consuming. The Peel It should be eaten if possible, because there are many valuable ingredients directly under it. Only late carrots should be peeled. (ad)

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