Home Tech Buying PS5: This is the platform at Otto, but you’ll find what you’re looking for here

Buying PS5: This is the platform at Otto, but you’ll find what you’re looking for here

Buying PS5: This is the platform at Otto, but you’ll find what you’re looking for here

You can also buy a PS5 from Otto, but supplies are not currently in sight and consoles are out of stock. Here you can find out which alternative providers you will find what you are looking for.

If available, you can secure your PS5 from Otto.

If available, you can secure your PS5 from Otto.

  • You can also purchase the PS5 from the mail order company Otto.
  • But all consoles are sold out for now.
  • Alternatively, you can get the console as a bonus from O2 or E as in Easy.

+++ Update: O2 is once again offering a PS5 bundle with a mobile contract. In the past, the show was sold out many times after a few days. The console will be delivered immediately. +++

at O2 Secure PS5 in a bundle*


original message

Hamburg’s Otto mail order also sells the PS5. However, all consoles are now sold out. Once the supplies arrive, you have to be quick, because the rush is always great.

So keep an eye on the following links, and you might be among the first to buy a PlayStation 5 from Otto.

at Otto Buy PS5*


Trick to buy PS5 from Otto

As with every store, the PS5 sells out very quickly in all variants at Otto. However you have a chance! It is not possible to complete the payment process cleanly for everyone. This could be due to the contact or creditworthiness of the buyer.

attention! Electricity and gas supplier E WIE EINFACH from Cologne has a large selection of Playstation 5s available through a long-term collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Electric and gas customers who want to switch and are looking for a PS5 will find a single offer here (advertisement).

These controllers work directly in the system, which gives you another chance. Below we explain the best way to get PS5 from Otto.

  • Create an account with Otto if you don’t already have one.
  • Make sure to register so that you are one click faster in the ordering process.
  • calls this Page in Otto On. This is an overview of all PS5 products. Each console and package appear on this page.
  • Once the controllers or packages appear on this page, open it. If in doubt, also with several tabs.
  • Now you are trying to get it in your cart. This only works when the button turns red.
  • If you have a PS5 in your cart, it may be displayed as no longer available. Do not remove the PS5 from your cart under any circumstances!
  • Stay in your cart and press F5 until the PS5 is displayed as available.
  • Once this happens, immediately click on Checkout and quickly tap the two screens.

With this approach, you are two or three clicks faster than anyone else trying to order via the same product page. With each step you slip a little forward and improve your chances.

Additional opportunities over the phone?

Some Otto customers have reported that they have been able to order the PS5 over the phone, although no consoles are available online. This option is now exhausted, but you can try it again. The Otto service number is: 040/36033603.

Also check out Baur . Store

You can also buy a PlayStation 5 from Otto’s subsidiary Baur. If the Otto is already sold out, you may find it here.

at Bor Buy PS5*


The console should also be available to order by phone here. You can try your luck under the number 09572 5050 trying.

Alternative Providers

Electricity provider E like Simply offers the console as a premium for a new contract. Once the contract is confirmed and a €299 deposit is received, a bundle consisting of the PS5 will be sent along with 12 months of PlayStation Plus and the game Horizon Forbidden West. The delivery time is currently set at around 14 days.

If you sign up with Sony on the PlayStation Direct website, you can secure an exclusive opportunity to purchase a console. The units available here are sold directly by the manufacturer in a lottery process. You will be notified by email of potential purchase offers.

You also have the opportunity to pre-order a PlayStation 5 at Media Markt and Saturn branches as well as Gamestop, Expert and Conrad. However, not all branches offer this service, so you should check with your local branch by phone or in person.

Get a new PlayStation for free

You should not miss out on a particularly delicious competition from Nestlé. A total of 999 consoles will be withdrawn there if you purchase certain promotional products.

At this time of day, it is especially worth looking at Otto

Hint: Otto actually showed the console several times between 8 and 10:30 in the morning. So it’s worth checking for new consoles in the morning. But even in the early afternoon, some stores sometimes have quotas.

With a few tricks, you can also buy PS5 faster than other customers.

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