The PS5 can be purchased from O2 on a mobile contract, and the package even includes a second console. We will direct you to the provider’s offer.

At O2, the PS5 can be purchased with a contract.

At O2, the PS5 can be purchased with a contract.

  • The PS5 is available again at O2.
  • You get the console with a mobile phone contract and a second console.
  • Alternatively, you can stop at 1&1 and Nestlé.

PlayStation fans are still annoyed by the horror of PS5 shopping. The console was sold out everywhere, and if it was available, it sold out within a very short time.

Cell phone provider O2 now again offers a PS5 digital version including a second console with a mobile phone contract. After that you get to the package.

in a O2 Get the PS5 Digital Edition*


This is the offer from O2

Mobile tariff is always O2 Free M with 20 GB of data volume with Allnet Flat. With the package you pay 40 euros per month over two years. In addition, there is a cost of 1 euro for the device, 40 euros for calling and 5 euros for shipping. Delivery time is three weeks.

You still have these alternatives

Otherwise, you still have the 1&1 alternatives and competition at Nestlé.

If you want to order the PS5 in time, then you should consider a few tips. In the linked article we give you important information.

If you want to know more about the new console, please read our PS5 review with all our impressions.

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