Home entertainment Bushido: Anna Maria Ferchichi accuses Arafat Abu Shaker of “complete surveillance”

Bushido: Anna Maria Ferchichi accuses Arafat Abu Shaker of “complete surveillance”

Bushido: Anna Maria Ferchichi accuses Arafat Abu Shaker of “complete surveillance”

In the criminal case against Arafat Abu Shaker, the wife of the plaintiff Bushido testified as a witness. Anna Maria Ferchichi described the relationship between the musician and his former partner, Arafat Abu Shaker, as problematic.

“This is not friendship, this is complete observation, a complete view of all things,” the 39-year-old told the Berlin District Court. Bushido did not rebel against his business partner at the time, but he was clearly under pressure. The pregnant Mrs. Ferchichi was brought into the hall, accompanied by bodyguards. There was nowhere to be seen bushido.

Bushido under personal protection

The main defendant, Arafat Abu Shaker, 45, is charged with insult, deprivation of liberty, attempted serious extortion, coercion, and grievous bodily harm. Three brothers are also alleged to have been accused of being accomplices. The four have not yet commented on the allegations in the operation.

Bushido had already been questioned during the 25 days of the trial. He is also under personal protection. Bushido recently announced on Instagram that he is expecting triplets with his wife.

Anna Maria Ferchichi is the sister of singer Sarah Connor. The rapper in the process said that it was thanks to her that he dared to separate from Arafat Abu Shaker. He was shocked to learn in November 2018 that his wife and children were being threatened. At first he was silent out of “fear and honor”. Only in January 2019 did he testify before the police against Arafat Abu Shaker.

Bushido had terminated his relationship with Arafat Abu Shaker after more than a decade of private and commercial group work. According to the indictment, he did not want to accept this and unjustifiably demanded to pay 1 million dollars and engage in the Bushido music business for 15 years. The rapper was threatened, insulted, locked in an office in January 2018, and attacked with a water bottle and chair.

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