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Brazilian President: Jair Bolsonaro is doing a better job

The case of the Brazilian president, who was hospitalized due to an intestinal obstruction Jair Bolsonaro Improved according to official information. Bolsonaro is developing in a satisfactory manner, according to a first statement from the presidential office press office on Thursday.

According to a second letter, he had his gastric tube removed, and it was planned to start feeding him the next day. However, the five-person medical team did not speculate on discharge from the Villa Nova Star Hospital in Sao Paulo in both contacts.

According to Doctor Antonio Macedo, there is no need for surgery. “The operation was excluded in principle because the intestines started working and became more flexible,” Macedo said in a television interview. He spoke alongside Bolsonaro, who emerged alive from a hospital bed.

Bolsonaro, 66, was brought to Sao Paulo from the capital, Brasilia, on Wednesday after him He complained of constant falls Will be. The doctor, who also operated on Bolsonaro after a knife attack in 2018, found an intestinal obstruction and brought the president to Sao Paulo. There was more Investigations It is performed to determine if emergency surgery is necessary.

Macedo and Bolsonaro have made a televised link between the abdominal injuries caused by the assassination and the health problem that led to Bolsonaro’s hospitalization. Bolsonaro, who underwent surgery four times, tried to politicize his health problem by reminding people on social media that the killer was a member of the Socialism and Freedom Party (PSOL). Together with the Labor Party of the Labor Party of the former Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva PSOL is an important part of the opposition.

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The head of state was recently pressured by a parliamentary inquiry into his coronavirus policy and allegations of corruption in connection with the request for vaccines. According to opinion research institute Datafolha, his government’s approval ratings have recently been on the decline.

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