Kleinserie BMW 3.0 CSL 2022 M4 Basis 2 1

BMW 3.0 CSL Small Series 2022 M4 base 2 1

BMW makes the 3.0 CSL Hommage R a reality! From the head of M. Frank Van Mel There were first pictures on his “private” Instagram channel yesterday and of course everything is still top secret. It is therefore not surprising that the subtle frustration reveals hardly any noteworthy lines or details. The the kidneys and the front apron But let’s see that the small series should be remembered to honor the 3.0 CSL from 2015. The car appears to be based on the 550-horsepower M4 CSL engine. thick Front spoiler attachment With circular air intakes under the headlights and also reminiscent of the M3 CSL V8 (E46) recently shown in the video and in the rear of the boot lid spoiler as well as roof edge suite Then again 3.0 CSL Hommage Style.

BMW 3.0 CSL 2022

BMW 3.0 CSL Small Series 2022 M4 Base 3

According to the network’s rumor maker, this car could be the fastest production BMW ever, since one of the which – which. 600 hp Speaking and at the same time more to CSL Lightweight scales How should an outer shell made almost entirely of carbon be provided. In addition, the teaser already indicates that the wind tunnel also plays an important role in the development. And with letters like “Love It Rarely”, “Insanely Epic” and especially “6MT FTW”, there are interesting hints that the mini-series headphone It will come with a six-speed gearbox.

V8 or six in a row?

independent of Picture of BMW M V8 biturbo (S63B44T4) is shown in the back, we would have guessed it S58 straight – six under the cover. While it likely had the highest performance level previously, the V8 engine from the M5, M8 & Co likely won’t find its way. It is also alleged that BMW is a new fake 20 and 21 inch rims They will be installed and features such as parking sensors, keyless entry and electric seats will be removed. Anyway, rumors also say that maybe no more than that 50 copies will be built. Production is said to start in November and only last a few months.

BMW 3.0 CSL Small Series 2022 M4 base 1 1

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BMW 3.0 CSL 2022 mini series based on the M4!
image credit: Frank Van Mel And information about the part: Beamer Post

BMW 3.0 CSL Small Series 2022 M4 Base 1 BMW 3.0 CSL Small Series 2022 M4 Base 2 BMW 3.0 CSL Small Series 2022 M4 Base 3

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