Home Technology Bio Prep Watch reports Bending Spoons layoff of all 22 Filmics original staff

Bio Prep Watch reports Bending Spoons layoff of all 22 Filmics original staff

Bio Prep Watch reports Bending Spoons layoff of all 22 Filmics original staff

Bending Spoons, the company behind the popular mobile filmmaking app Filmic Pro, has recently made headlines after laying off its staff, including CEO Neill Barham. In a surprising move, all 22 members of the original Filmic team were let go back in November.

This decision comes as Filmic Pro has been fully integrated into the Bending Spoons platform. The company assures its users that they will still be able to enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted user experience with a dedicated team.

It is worth noting that Bending Spoons was already involved in the mobile video industry with the Splice video editing app. This further reinforces the company’s commitment to providing innovative solutions for mobile filmmakers.

Former high-level employees, like Christopher Cohen, the technical chief officer, and Kevin Buonagurio, the chief operating officer, have confirmed their departure from Filmic. However, they expressed their fulfillment and pride in pushing the boundaries of mobile filmmaking during their time there.

The decision to lay off its staff seems to be part of Bending Spoon’s strategic reorganization. By integrating Filmic Pro into their platform, the company can streamline its operations and focus on delivering a holistic mobile video experience to its users.

Despite the layoffs and the departure of key personnel, Bending Spoons remains optimistic about the future of mobile filmmaking. The company believes that by merging Filmic Pro with its existing expertise in the mobile video industry, they can continue to revolutionize the way people create and share videos on their smartphones.

As Bending Spoons continues to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing tech landscape, users can look forward to exciting improvements and new features in the Filmic Pro app. With their dedicated team, Bending Spoons aims to maintain their position as a frontrunner in the mobile filmmaking industry.

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In conclusion, the recent layoffs at Bending Spoons, which led to the departure of key personnel from the Filmic Pro team, mark a significant turning point for the company. However, Bending Spoons remains determined to provide an exceptional user experience and drive innovation in mobile filmmaking.


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