Bio Prep Watch: Introducing an audio generator that can create 3 minute songs

Stability AI Launches Stable Audio 2.0 for Enhanced Music Generation

Stability AI has unveiled an upgraded version of its music-generation platform, Stable Audio 2.0. This new release allows users to create up to three minutes of audio using a simple text prompt, complete with introductory music, chord progression, and an outro. The previous version of the platform only allowed for 90 seconds of audio, making this three-minute upgrade a significant improvement.

The tool is free to use and can be accessed directly from the company’s website. In addition to generating music from text prompts, users also have the option to upload audio clips for analysis and similar production.

While the AI-generated music may sound impressive at first, some users have noted that the songs can quickly show seams and sound weird or soulless. The vocals generated by the AI are not in any known human language, and the system has been known to make mistakes such as parts of the music vanishing or elements doubling unexpectedly.

Overall, the music generated lacks human connection and may be boring for some listeners. While the technology is useful for creating silly videos or hold music, it may not have a broad appeal beyond that niche market.

Despite some limitations, Stable Audio 2.0 represents a significant advancement in AI music generation and provides an interesting tool for those looking to experiment with music production.

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