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Bio Prep Watch: Historic Transatlantic Flight Powered By Cooking Oil Begins

Title: Virgin Atlantic Successfully Completes First Transatlantic Flight with Sustainable Aviation Fuel

In a groundbreaking achievement for the aviation industry, Virgin Atlantic took off from Heathrow Airport on November 28, 2023, marking the first transatlantic flight to use 100% pure sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The flight, operated by Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner, was bound for New York JFK.

Onboard the historic flight were Sir Richard Branson, the visionary founder of Virgin Atlantic, and Mark Harper, the British Transport Secretary, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to promoting sustainable practices in the aviation sector. Although the flight had no paying passengers, it symbolized a significant milestone in the quest to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

SAFs, produced from renewable biomass and waste resources, present a greener alternative to traditional fossil fuels. They can be blended with kerosene for use in jet fuel, with a maximum blend ratio of 50%. The adoption of SAFs by Virgin Atlantic and other airlines represents a crucial step towards decreasing the environmental impact of air travel.

To commemorate this landmark event, Virgin Atlantic shared a captivating video showcasing the collaboration between industries that made this achievement possible. By highlighting the successful integration of sustainable practices in the aviation sector, the video aimed to inspire other airlines to follow suit.

The United Kingdom government, recognizing the importance of sustainable aviation, provided significant support for the project. Funding of up to $1.26 million was allocated to Virgin Atlantic, in collaboration with the University of Sheffield, Boeing, and Rolls-Royce. The partnership between these entities was instrumental in ensuring the success of the first transatlantic flight using 100% pure SAF.

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During the flight, British Transport Secretary Mark Harper emphasized the government’s steadfast commitment to the SAF industry. Harper reiterated the importance of creating jobs in the sustainable aviation sector and working towards the ambitious goal of achieving “Jet Zero” emissions.

This pioneering accomplishment by Virgin Atlantic signifies a vital shift towards making air travel more environmentally friendly. The use of sustainable aviation fuel has the potential to revolutionize the airline industry and transform the perception of air travel in a world increasingly focused on combating climate change.

As the industry sets its sights on a more sustainable future, the success of this transatlantic flight serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. With each milestone reached, the aviation sector gets closer to achieving its ultimate goal of minimizing its environmental impact while ensuring safe and efficient travel for all.


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