Home Technology Bio Prep Watch: AMDs FSR 3 Technology Update Coming in Starfield Next

Bio Prep Watch: AMDs FSR 3 Technology Update Coming in Starfield Next

Bio Prep Watch: AMDs FSR 3 Technology Update Coming in Starfield Next

Bethesda Game Studios is set to enhance the gaming experience of Starfield by incorporating AMD’s cutting-edge supersampling technology, FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) 3. This highly-anticipated addition will be available to players later this month.

Starfield, developed by Bethesda Game Studios, has become an immensely popular game since its launch. It has garnered attention for its immersive gameplay, expansive roleplaying quests, and thrilling combat. Now, Bethesda is taking the game to the next level by integrating AMD’s FSR 3 into Starfield.

In its latest move, Bethesda will release FSR 3 through Steam Beta next week, making it accessible to a wider range of PC players. Shortly after, FSR 3 will be available to all PC players later this month. This significant update marks a major improvement from the previous version, FSR 2, which required PC players to resort to unofficial mods to access the feature.

FSR 3 is set to revolutionize gamers’ visual experience with its supersampling capabilities. This technology enables graphics to be rendered at a lower resolution and then upscaled, resulting in improved performance and image quality. As a response to Nvidia’s DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) technology, FSR 3 is AMD’s answer for gamers with various graphics cards, including AMD, Nvidia, and Intel.

Starfield’s inclusion of FSR 3 places it among the growing list of games that support AMD’s latest iteration of supersampling technology. This integration will certainly enhance the visual experience of players, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the vast and captivating universe of Starfield.

Excitement surrounding Starfield doesn’t stop here. In addition to the FSR 3 update, fans are eagerly anticipating another upcoming update this month, which may introduce the highly-awaited story expansion called Shattered Space. With Bethesda’s continuous efforts to provide players with new content and improvements, the Starfield community has much to look forward to.

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As the positive reviews continue to pour in for Starfield, Bethesda Game Studios solidifies its position as a leading developer in the gaming industry. The game’s captivating quests, engaging combat, and now enhanced visual experience through FSR 3 make Starfield a must-play for avid gamers and space enthusiasts alike.


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