Biden wants Charles Brown to be the new Chief of Staff of the United States

As of 05/25/2023 9:33 PM

“He knows what it means to be in the middle of a battle”: with these words US President Biden introduced the future chief of staff, Charles Brown. Brown is currently the Chief of Staff of the Air Force.

US Air Force Chief of Staff Charles Brown is set to become the new Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces. President Joe Biden announced this at the White House. He referred to Brown as a fighter. “He knows what it’s like to be in the middle of a fight and keep her cool when the going gets tough,” Biden said. The high-ranking military man — born in 1962 — is set to succeed Mark Milley. The US Senate has yet to approve the appointment.

The Chief of Staff is the military advisor to the President of the United States and directs the strategic planning of the Department of Defense. Brown has been Chief of Staff of the Air Force since 2020 and was nominated by former President Donald Trump. He is the first black military commander of a branch of the US military.

Sharing own experiences with racism

Biden said Brown shared his own experiences of racism and making history. Milley – who has deployed as a soldier to Afghanistan, Iraq and Bosnia and Herzegovina – was also appointed by Trump in 2019.


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