Biden and Putin discuss the situation in Ukraine

IAmidst the tense situation in the Ukrainian conflict is the planned virtual summit of the Russian head of state Vladimir Putin US President Joe Biden’s meeting is now scheduled for Tuesday, according to the Kremlin. This was announced by spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Saturday in Moscow for Interfax.

According to Russian information, the conflict in Ukraine will also be a problem. Biden Putin warned against military intervention in Ukraine and announced new initiatives to protect the Eastern European country. According to information that has not yet been denied, Russia has amassed a large number of troops in areas not far from the border with Ukraine.

Deployment of up to 175,000 soldiers

Putin and Biden met at their first summit in Geneva in June. Among other things, new talks on the nuclear disarmament initiative were agreed upon.

According to similar media reports, US intelligence services expect an imminent Russian military march on the Ukrainian border with up to 175,000 soldiers. The Washington Post and New York Times reported on Saturday, citing documents from US intelligence and government officials, that the “attack” could begin early next year.

A Ukrainian soldier near the front line in eastern Ukraine in December

A Ukrainian soldier near the front line in eastern Ukraine in December

Photo: Environmental Protection Agency

The officials said that the intelligence agency’s findings showed that Russia was preparing for a massive attack on Ukraine. But it is not clear whether the Russian president actually wants to attack Ukraine.

According to the information, artillery, tanks and other heavy equipment will be deployed at various locations along the Ukrainian border with the transport of soldiers. It said the analysis was based in part on satellite imagery that showed “newly arrived units” along the border in November.

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