Berlin summoned the Chinese ambassador to the Foreign Ministry for consultation Due to Chinese sanctions against German politicians and scientists. Germany insisted in an interview to make it very clear that allowing MEPs and scientists is completely incomprehensible.

According to the DPA, German Foreign Minister Heiko Moss made the remarks during a meeting of NATO ambassadors in Brussels today.

According to AFP sources in the German Foreign Ministry, Chinese Ambassador Wu Kiechen was summoned for “urgent talks” with German Deputy Foreign Minister Miguel Berger, who is in charge of the region.

Beijing imposed sanctions on a dozen EU figures on Monday in response to EU foreign ministers’ approval of sanctions on four Chinese officials responsible for treating minority Uyghurs.

According to the AFP, Berger told Woo that China’s sanctions “unnecessarily burden EU-China relations” and, on behalf of the German government, demanded that the decision be rescinded immediately.

For the first time in three decades, the European Union has imposed sanctions on Chinese officials. China immediately announced retaliatory sanctions against European politicians, experts and companies. In Germany, they are concerned about the Green MEP and Chinese expert Reinhard Pettikofer, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) MEP Michael Kahler, and Adrian Jens, the Uyghur expert at the prestigious Institute for Chinese Studies (MERICS).

The office announced today that EU Ambassador to China Nicola Sabuis has been summoned to the country’s Foreign Ministry in Beijing. Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Qin Kong told him that the EU’s actions were based on “lies and misinformation.” The Chinese ministry cited sanctions as contradictory to reality and reason. China urges the EU to acknowledge China’s EU wrongdoing, correct it and end the conflict, so as not to cause any harm to Sino-European relations, ”the Chinese Foreign Ministry said.

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“When we allow human rights violations, Beijing allows democracy and its institutions, which we cannot accept,” German Foreign Minister Mass said in Brussels today.

The Chinese ambassador was also summoned by French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Trian on Monday. (CDK)


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