Belarus sends migrants to the border at night

According to Polish reports, the Belarusian government is once again transporting migrants to the border who were previously staying in a logistics center. You should come to Poland under cover of darkness.

According to Polish information, the Belarusian government will now leave again immigrants brought to the borders of the two states. A spokeswoman for the Polish border guards said on Friday that hundreds of people were taken to the border area during the night and told to return in the dark. Poland to enter. I talked about about 500 people. The Belarusian armed forces tried to blind the Polish border guards with lasers to keep them out of action.

“(The Belarusians) brought more migrants to the place where there was an attempt to cross,” Anna Michalska of the Polish border police told Reuters. “At first there were 100 people, but then the Belarusian side transported more people in trucks. Then there were 500 people.” Some of the migrants threw branches and four guards were slightly injured.

Lukashenko: I do not detain any immigrants

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko He admitted for the first time in an interview with the BCC that his government at least helped immigrants. “We are Slavs. We have a heart. Our forces know that the immigrants are going to Germany.”

“Maybe someone helped them. I wouldn’t even look at this,” he added. But he denied inviting refugees. “I have you [der EU] He said I wouldn’t hold migrants at the border, I would hold them at the border, and if they came forward from now on, I wouldn’t stop them because they didn’t come to me, they were going to your country.” BBC’s Steve Rosenberg.

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Media and journalists have no access to the border area between Poland and Belarus Official reports cannot be independently verified.


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