Because of the storm: Schalke with safety instructions for the fans

Because of the storm: Schalke with safety instructions for the fans

Severe storms are expected in North Rhine-Westphalia on Friday evening. Schalke advises its fans to be especially careful.

If FC Schalke 04 is in the second Bundesliga on Friday evening in SC Paderborn It hits (6.30pm/sky), and a violent storm is said to pass through North Rhine-Westphalia. The German Met Office has issued a severe weather warning. Hurricane-like tremors are expected. The match will take place as planned, but Schalke 04 advises fans who will be watching the second-division match in the stadium to be especially careful.

Residents of Gelsenkirchen recommend arriving by car, as weather conditions mean that public transport cannot be guaranteed to go according to plan. Bicycle access is also discouraged.

Schalke 04 fans should park their car as close to the stadium as possible

To make the walk from the parking lot to the yard as short as possible, Schalke also recommends the P2-PH2 and P2-PH3 car parks, which are parts of the P2, P2A and P3. Parking in these areas is free.

Should dangerous situations arise due to the weather, lower levels of multi-storey car parks may be used as storage and collection options, as noted in a statement from the association. If a strong storm continues after the final whistle, Schalke also recommends staying a little longer in the ring until the weather calms down.

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