Bayern star and World Cup dream: Davis' quick goal drives Canada crazy

Bayern star and World Cup dream
High-speed Davis Gate is driving Canada crazy

Alphonso Davies is fast, very fast. This can be admired regularly at Bayern Munich. And also in the Canadian national team, where he convinced the 20-year-old with super fast speed and a perfect finish against Panama. More than that, the nation is upside down — rapper Drake included.

Alphonso Davies suddenly switched to turbo mode. The star Canadian sprinted irresistibly into his own half, technically stealing the ball from his completely bewildered opponent Harold Cummings on the sidelines, and letting another Panamanian run into the void and completing it just right on the left.

It was a rock-song goal scored by the Bayern Munich star in a 4-1 World Cup qualifier win – and the whole country swarmed with it. “Oooalfonso Daaaaavieyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeyeeye?” , the first radio station commentator called into his microphone. Newspapers rolled.

“Alphonso Davies made it clear to everyone in the audience why, at the age of 20, he is one of the best players in the world and the best men’s national team ever,” the Toronto Star wrote. “Davis’ performance transforms Canada from a team that no one cares about into a team that can be touched by fate,” the Globe and Mail reported.

Davis’ goal wasn’t just a piece of art – it was also an important goal to make it 2-1 in the 66th minute of the match. The match turned against Panama, and the Canadians, Olympic champions from 1904, bypassed Mexico and the United States at the table and are increasingly looking forward to their first World Cup appearance since 1986.

“Everyone was really interested in her, and everyone wanted to be on the pitch,” Davies said. “The mentality was really strong.” Shortly after the final whistle, he received a message from rap star and sports fan Drake, who also posted his T-shirt on Instagram. Davis is a huge fan of the musician, after winning the Champions League in 2020, he realized that Drake is following him on Instagram. At the time, Davis said, “Oh my God, I can’t believe it. My life is complete. I’m crazy!”

Well, that’s not it, the 20-year-old continues to play football, and Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann also counts on him. Canada coach John Herdman emphasized the great will of his star player. “He really wants it,” Herdman said. “He dreams of being in the world championships with this team.” Perhaps already in Qatar.

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