“Bachelorette” draws “Empty”: “Bald and bald understand each other!”

“Bachelorette” draws a “blank”.
“Bald and bald understand each other!”

By Kai Butterweck

In the form of a tea break, the bachelorette is freed from its last emotional shackles. The game Cannon opens a special door for Lucas. He was the first to embrace the shaved bachelorette.

Half time in Phuket! The battle for the Bachelorette’s heart is getting more and more intense. Although the lead actress still doesn’t know exactly where the romantic journey is headed after an eventful four weeks, only the ten handsome princes who are now in the spotlight are still hopeful. Even the perpetual skeptic, Emanuel, wants to know again, though he now realizes that he “totally underestimated” the big picture.

Sharon and Steffen get closer - source RTL.jpeg

Sharon and Steffen get closer.

(Photo: RTL)

Tanzbär Umut takes it a bit more calmly: “I do my thing here and I don’t care what other people think of me,” says the bearded man from Ravensburg. Meanwhile, pushing himself further and further forward, Lucas has only one goal in mind: “Finally, I want cream cake!”, the bald man confidently clicks his tongue. Speaking of baldness: there was something else.

In the light without a wig

After a very spectacular group date on the beach with amateur wind-up Steffen (“I slipped one while playing sports”) in “Overtime,” his bright and witty nature is rewarded with a passionate kiss, Sharon makes up for herself. Fellow hairdresser Lucas is ready for your personal “outing”. In addition to Ulster’s bull, who is always in a good mood, the bachelorette feels very comfortable: “We tick very similar,” Sharon admits with a cute smile on her face. Seconds later, the Bachelorette famously goes without a wig.

“The Bachelorette” on RTL

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After a little crafting fun with interspersed love messages and an intimate body painting inspection tour, it was finally time. Sharon drops the “mask”. Luke’s reaction makes the Bachelorette’s heart leap for joy in the triangle. “Cold, bald and bald understand each other!” Prince Charming takes all the pressure out of the situation. Sharon’s face reflects gratitude, joy and pride.

“Lucas turned my head”

As a colorful firework display lights up the evening sky, two shaved heads hug together, and nothing could be more beautiful than this moment can be imagined. “He gave me an incredible feeling and made sure my expectations about the moment were completely exceeded,” says the bachelorette. Yes, Luke does everything right. With his kind and calm nature, he hits the bull’s eye with Sharon. She’s not even used to it anymore: “Lucas turned my head and my heart was beating twice as fast as usual,” summarizes the bachelorette after an evening of overwhelming feelings.

Realizing that Lucas is now miles ahead of many of his competitors, everyone involved begins the Fifth Night of the Roses. Undeterred and uninhibited, yet court-ready colleagues John, Dominique and Alex continue to give full effort. According to Stas, the “new hairstyle” makes the bachelorette “even hotter.” Emmanuel overcomes the demons of jealousy and dares to move forward. His greatest desire that evening remains unfulfilled (“I want to kiss you right here now”). But Emanuel is “back”, still “on fire” and ready to fight for the heart of the girl of his dreams.

Hans and Stas must pack their bags

Lucas observes the testosterone-controlled demeanor comfortably and soberly from a distance, well aware that no one here and now can really pose a danger to him—not a redeemed Emanuel or Hans or Stas. The latter two should pack their bags this time. It is very difficult to say goodbye to the emotional Stas “You are the most beautiful girl I have ever met”. to sniff


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