Avian influenza: the virus that could quickly wipe out a farm

Poultry farmers in Quebec are concerned about the emergence of bird flu cases in Canada and a possible first case in the province.

“We are on the alert, and this is something that worries us a lot. We don’t really have control over that, so it happens on the farm,” Alain Bazinet, owner of Amédée Bazinet, says on À vos affaires.

When chickens contract the virus, they pass it on to other birds in the coop and the mortality rate becomes exponential.

Mortality rates can reach 70-80%. Mr. Bazinet explains that he is fast and sly.

In order to prevent an outbreak of the disease on their farms, poultry farmers in Quebec are implementing several measures.

Among these, the mandatory wearing of plastic shoes for visitors once they arrive in the field, disinfection of slippers at the entrance to the farm buildings and the visitors’ register.

However, the entry of the virus is still difficult to control, because bird flu is transmitted mainly through the droppings of wild birds flying over farms.

Watch the full report in the video above.

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