Augsburg: Decathlon opens in Augsburg at the end of March - Click & Collect is already available before then

Sporting goods retailer Decathlon opened its branch in Augsburg-Lechhausen in the spring after years of discussions. Combinations are already possible.

Sporting goods retailer Decathlon will open its branch in Augsburg in the Lechhauser industrial district on March 31. The company has announced this now. Construction work on Albert-Schenavsky-Strasse (near Kaufland/EGM) has started since last year, but the opening has been postponed due to timber supply bottlenecks. In the past, the settlement has also been politically controversial regarding its effects on current retail, although things have calmed down in the meantime.

Decathlon Augsburg offers Click & Collect even before opening

From next Monday, January 17, it will be possible to receive the ordered goods online from the branch (click and collect). The service will be activated on the homepage on Saturday, but one-hour express orders are not yet possible. The Decathlon store has an area of ​​approximately 3,500 square meters and will have a large car park. Many niche markets also want to settle in the new business center “Meran Arcaden”.

The new retail center is likely to be the latest new development for the foreseeable future Augsburg Because the new large settlements on the “green field” in the city area are no longer planned according to the concept of fragmentation in order to protect the city center and neighborhood centers. (drunk)

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