'Arrogant and arrogant' - former referee Gräfe poisoned against DFB

Manuel Gref had to end his judging career in the summer due to his advanced age. Since then, the 48-year-old has increased his criticism of the Football Association. The association responded – in a way that Gräfe didn’t like at all.

Former Bundesliga referee Manuel Gref has denied allegations that his repeated criticisms of the German Football Association (DFB) Referees Board have selfish reasons.

“Personal accountability is a fairy tale,” Gref said Sunday in “Double Pass” at Sport 1: “It’s a clumsy attempt to downplay the criticism so you don’t have to deal with it.” Week after week, things are not going well. But you prefer to keep changing. It is arrogant and arrogant to ignore criticism like this. “

Chief Gov. Frolich sees Gref’s criticism as ‘less positive’

Chief referee Lutz Michael Fröhlich recently said he did not understand Gräfe’s criticism, with Fröhlich saying “we assess the form in which the previous referee uses the current debate less constructively to publicly express his personal opinion”.

Gräfe left the group of Bundesliga referees after the previous season because he had reached the minimum age. He complained of age discrimination and has been a vocal critic of the association ever since.

In Sport1, Gräfe renewed his fierce criticism of the referee’s management by Fröhlich.

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