Argentina: 20 million people without electricity temporarily

Status: 02/03/2023 07:02

Power outages have brought life to a halt in large parts of Argentina. At times, as many as 20 million people were without public electricity—and with record temperatures—without air conditioning.

Millions of homes lost power after a fire broke out on a high-voltage power line in Argentina. According to the authorities, several provinces were affected on Wednesday afternoon and evening. As reported by La Nacion, citing the government of the South American country, about 20 million people were temporarily without electricity.

Also in Buenos Aires, there were temporary power outages in some areas. Faulty traffic lights caused chaos, and subway stations could not be lit.

A major power outage in Argentina has paralyzed large parts of the country

Tagesshaw 5:30 AM, March 2, 2023

The cause was apparently a fire in a field

In addition, many of those affected suffered from being unable to operate air conditioners due to the summer heat. Temperatures around 36 degrees Celsius prevailed in the country’s capital on Wednesday. According to meteorologists, the capital city is currently experiencing the hottest summer in history.

According to preliminary results, a fire in a field 60 kilometers from Buenos Aires also attacked the high-voltage lines there, which led to the first outage in the region. As a precaution, the Atucha I Nuclear Power Plant, which is connected by lines, and other power plants were shut down, creating bottlenecks across the country.


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