App launch in February: Trump seeks to get back online

Status: 07.01.2022 8:50 AM

After being banned from Twitter and Facebook, former President Trump tried in vain to appear online again. His “Truth Social” app is set to go live in February. Will this really be a success?

Written by Marcus Schuller, ARD Studio Los Angelos

Former US President Donald Trump’s media company wants to launch its long-promised online platform in February. However, it is not yet clear if there should be a mobile only app or a web version as well. The “Truth Social” app is supposed to be released at least on February 21st. The company says it has now received $1 billion in funding.

There are screenshots on the Android and Apple stores that look a lot like a single version of Twitter. Even avatars for replies, tweets, and sharing posts are similar to Twitter. It certainly shouldn’t be a coincidence, as Trump’s favorite social media mouthpiece in the past was the SMS service from San Francisco. After his followers forcibly stormed the Capitol exactly a year ago, Twitter banned him for life. It has also been banned from Facebook and YouTube.

Kaum Inresse Trump’s Blog

The new app is not Trump’s first attempt to join the online discussion again. In May he had already made an attempt and started blogging along Twitter on the web. The site was closed less than a month later. Apparently because she hardly aroused any interest.

There is a new offer form that can be used for waiting list registration. According to Trump, the show is already in beta, but is only available to invited guests who can put the service through its paces.

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The online show is being run by former Congressman Devin Nunes of California. He was noticed under Trump because of his special loyalty to the former US president. If Tump has its way, the platform must be built as an alternative to established internet companies. It is not yet possible to say whether he will succeed in this. With Gettr, Parler and Gab, there are already some far-right shows.

The “Truth Social” app is scheduled to launch on February 21.

Photo: AFP

The company is suing Trump

To make matters worse for him, the open-source software company Mastodon sued him: It claims that Trump’s company uses software that’s freely available to the public — while Trump considers it copyrighted.


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