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After a job success at Aue, Werder Bremen needed a point against John Regensburg to return safely to the Bundesliga. “But we missed a few chances,” striker Nicholas Fulkrug warned.

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Schalke celebrates, hamburger SV now has more than straw in their hands – and Werder Bremen? After a hard-fought 3-0 (0-0) victory over Erzgebirge Aue on the final day of the game against Jahn Regensburg, the Green-Whites have yet to miss a point to advance to the Bundesliga. Beauty so far. Bremen also wants to suffer at Wester Stadium if not for the sometimes confusing recession – similar to the recent defeat against the Holstein hinge. But even in previous games, Werder could not really trust on their own turf and fought against the outcast Ingolstadt and Southausen. Nuremberg to a bad balance.

Werder with the best cards in the football thriller

The following Sunday the halal season against John (3.30pm, NDR Livecenter) helped Darmstadt 98 Bremen to a 1-2 defeat at Düsseldorf. But be careful: Dormstodt, the host of Baderborn, and the “comeback” HSV (Hansa Rostock), who looked very strong in the final sprint, are only three points behind – and they’re better than Werder (+20). Goal difference (HSV +31). , Darmstadt +22).

So the best stuff for a football thriller, in which Werder has the best starting position and everything in their hands to follow FC Schalke 04 in the elite class.

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Laziness and offsite happiness

“It’s a job success,” said Marco Friedl, who was able to alleviate the laziness of the first half with his goal at Aue after the break. Although Werder also had chances in the first half, they failed on the other side on Aue’s first attack and were lucky offside. Knowing that the Bremen team would be tough against a team that had been knocked out of the ore hills, they – however – wanted to say goodbye with dignity – due to the embarrassing 0: 6 defeat at Dormstad. The more experienced defensive trio of Omar Toprok, Milos Welzkovic and Christian Cross returned but were unable to stage themselves. The green-whites acted very slowly, very precisely, and perhaps most fearfully.

Bowman: “We need a better performance”

A very bad game that should not be repeated in a week, warned Frank Baumann in the NDR and demanded that “now we must take the last step”. The game leader did not want to try to sugarcoat the weak, despite the successful performance, which made the nerves of all Werder supporters suffer more than necessary. His warning was in keeping with the seriousness of the matter. “A lot can happen; we need a better performance.”

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Bremen's Marco Friedel celebrated a goal.  © IMAGO / Jan Huebner

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Defeat, like losing a 2-0 lead against Keel, would ruin the work of the event-rich season. “We have to be smart there,” Bowman says. He says the recipe for promotion is to get down to the game well, seize the last chance again, and gnash the teeth of the “stubborn opponent”.

Wabang game with Dobrock is wrong

“It was hard work, but the team showed determination, was mentally stable and scored goals at the decisive moment,” coach Ole Werner analyzed with regular presence. “Now we have to increase it again against Regensburg.” Defender called Dobrock after the injury and, in consultation with the player and the medical department, said he was not happy the dangerous game ended 36 minutes later. Most likely, it was already speculated in Weser that this would be the 32-year-old’s last game for the green-whites.

Trembling instead of sovereignty

The absence of a well-respected leading player against more or less harmless Saxons does not have the effect of greatly weakening the defensive decision. Nevertheless, Werner was relieved that “now the game is over and we have points in the sack.” In fact, the officially recognized 1,763 Werter fans trembled with their crew for a long time as they carried out their mission in a restrained manner, but not with absolute sovereignty. The horror of the home game against Keel could have had more of an impact. And the possibility of another failure at the home of former Keeler Werner also secretly plays a role.

Scorer Schmidt: “Everything is in your hands”

How closely could the goals of Niklas Fulkrug (“3: 0 sounds easier than that.”) And Niklas Schmidt, who only got the right decision in extra time, have been closed. Criticizing the weak attack as self-critical, Fulkrug said, “I’m glad we missed some opportunities already this season. But we were patient and finally showed our quality.”

Bremen's Nicholas Fulkrug celebrates a goal.  © IMAGO / Nordphoto

Audio: Near Werder Bremen Renaissance (2 min)

In fact, Werder’s storm is weakening too, as Marvin Dux is overflowing as a game designer, consistent donor and goal scorer. “There’s one game left, and we’ll not give up for a second,” Schmidt warned, standing up for Dux as a goalie and motivator in the final stages: “It’s great to have everything back in your hands. It gives you new confidence.”

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