“I sing a song for you…”

Volks Rock & Roller Andreas Gaballier (37) seems to have a secret crush! sweetheart? “Let’s Dance” star Ekaterina Leonova (35)! He admitted it in an interview…

in conversation with schlager.deThe singer says about the woman of his dreams: “She should be funny and modest. You must understand me. I’m a very social little guy, you have to get involved with that first. I’m an open person and love to travel.”

So far, so good. When asked next “And if you can bake a wife…?” Gaballier answered frankly: “Then it will be Ekaterina Leonova. She is funny, I would like to dance with her” Oh!


‘Let’s Dance’ star Ekaterina in her element: Here with her dance partner, handball player Pascal Haines — the two won 2019 season

Photo: Malte Krudewig

Do the two know each other personally? Gaballier: “We saw each other once.” Maybe it was love at first sight – at least for him…

Gaballier was also asked in the interview who he would like to take to a desert island. His response was quick: “My guitar and maybe that particular dancer…”

Ekaterina Leonova: how not to fall in love with this view ...

Ekaterina Leonova: how not to fall in love with this view …

Photo: kkatleonova / Instagram

And what should a successful star offer a beautiful dancer? He is a “cool guy”, uncomplicated, fun-loving, and “romantic”.

Gabalier’s last relationship ended after seven years. So, in his next partnership, he was doing some things differently.

He said, “I’m going to cut back on work. Private life and success at work is a difficult balancing act. I am not surprised that many of my colleagues have broken up three times. This is something I never wanted. If I take the plunge, it would be nice if I stayed forever.”

Andreas Gabaler with his ex-wife Silvia Schneider

Andreas Gabaler with his ex-wife Silvia Schneider

Photo: Getty Images

“When the time comes, I want to imitate my grandparents and take full care of the family,” Gaballier continues.

It looks like the pot can fit the lid. then “A man must be in life and be able to imagine family life,” Ekaterina, who is currently single, admitted in Bild in March about the potential man of her dreams.

And what should it look like? “A man must be at least like me, 1.74 meters tall. A little better so that I can wear high heels. Otherwise, I have no visual preferences. Blonde or dark-haired – it does not matter.”

The dark-haired Gabalier has a height of 1.83 meters. Therefore, Ekaterina can wear high heels with a heel of 9 cm.

I hope you will wear more suitable shoes with it on the lonely island …


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