Home Top News And once again the Werder-Kohfeldt coaching chair swings before the end

And once again the Werder-Kohfeldt coaching chair swings before the end

And once again the Werder-Kohfeldt coaching chair swings before the end

At the season finale a week later, Werder must tremble from relegation – but Florian Kohfeldt is now off his job. Athletic director Frank Bowman avoided making a clear commitment.

Frank Baumann, Werder's sporting director, stands cautiously with his arms crossed and a white FFP2 mask after the match in Augsburg on the sidelines.
I didn’t want to stick with Florian Kohfeldt as Werder’s coach at the end of the season on Saturday night: Sports Director Frank Bowman.

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Werder Bremen’s entourage disappeared Saturday evening at a quarantine hotel in Parsinghausen, near Hanover. Isolated wounds and licking after the 2-0 defeat in the afternoon against FC Augsburg. But it clearly wasn’t supposed to be a really quiet night.

Because sporting director Frank Bowman avoided an explicit commitment to Florian Kohfeldt for the evening in a chat with “Current Sports Studio” on ZDF. Werder manager has to quiver again with his job before the big relegation duel against Gladbach.

We’ve been through brutal great disappointment, so I don’t want to make any clear statements. I would like to coordinate with my colleagues and the supervisory board. We have to see that we have missed a great opportunity.

Sports Director Werder Frank Bowman at “Current Sports Studio”

Kohfelt ran out of arguments

Already after the 1: 3 defeat to Union Berlin, Kohfeldt was in question, after two days of analysis by management and the supervisory board, the 38-year-old was finally allowed to continue and secured his job with a good performance in the Cup semi-final against Leipzig – at least for now.

After ten straight matches without a win and slipping into the relegation position, things will be tight again for Kohfeldt. So the talks are taking place again at the closed hotel in Parsinghausen. Baumann wants to reassure himself about next steps with Klaus Felberg, Hubertus Hesse-Grünwald and the Supervisory Board on Marco Bode. Because after appearing in Augsburg, Kohfeldt slowly ran out of arguments.

Landing, subsidence, or rescue?

Werder reached the final of the week with 31 points in the relegation zone and urgently needs to win his home game against Gladbach. Cologne can go ahead with the win over Bremen and will therefore go straight to Schalke 04. Rescue is still possible, like landing.

But how realistic is that? And is Kohveldt still the right coach to hire and motivate the team in the all-or-nothing game? Werder could not afford the second downturn after 1980 only because of the threatening economic situation. So should be a long night at Sport-Hotel von Barsinghausen – the exit is open.

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