An Indian minister drinks from the holy river - a hospital!  |  News

He grabs the glass in the river, fills it, puts it down and drinks it. Two days later, Bhagwant Mann has to go to the hospital. The reason: severe abdominal pain.

The chief minister of India’s Punjab region wanted to prove that the waters of Kali Pine were clean. Things went wrong.

why? The Kali River is between 165 km long and is considered sacred by the Sikhs. It is bordered by 80 villages, six cities and industrial facilities. Everyone throws their waste into the river, and it turns black. On July 16, 2000, a major clean-up operation began, which also led to a significant improvement.

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On the 22nd anniversary of this campaign, Bhagwant Man wanted to show how good the water is once again. Or it must be better. Because the current situation brought him to Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in Delhi, where it was rumored that he would leave the hospital after a day, he writes “ Indian Express“.

Prime Minister Bhagwant man in hospital

Prime Minister Bhagwant man in hospital

Foto: @DrShivjot / Twitter @DrShivjot / Twitter

Perhaps it would have been smarter if the Prime Minister had done a scientific analysis of the actual water quality that was done earlier…



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