American fears of the “Canadian super pig”

Pigs are not actually native to the United States. The spread of animals causes a lot of damage. Now there is a particularly big problem.

Concerns are growing about the spread of the Canadian pig species in North America. The Guardian newspaper wrote that the so-called “super pigs” are considered “incredibly intelligent” and difficult to control. Animals survive in cold climates by burrowing through the snow. They are about to spread further into the north of the continent.

The report says the super pig, which was created by farmers in the 1980s, is a cross between domestic and wild pigs, is larger in size and produces more meat. Its size also enables it to survive the cold of western Canada, which can get as low as -50 degrees.

Wild boars cause billions of dollars in damage in the United States

Their prevalence exacerbates the problems the United States is currently facing due to the swine epidemic. The animals are not native there, but nearly 6 million wild boars have caused an estimated US$1.5 billion (about €1.4 billion) in damages in recent years.

Pigs are food competition for native animal species, Michael Marlowe of the US Department of Agriculture explains in The Guardian, killing young elk, for example, and endangering turkeys and quail as nest robbers. In addition, pigs are capable of transmitting viruses to humans and, for example, producing new types of influenza viruses that can be transmitted to humans.


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