Alpine Sky World Cup 2021/22 Results: Who will win the men’s slalom at Carmish-Bartenkirsen?

The Men’s Alpine Sky World Cup 2021/22 will enter the next round on February 26 and 27, 2022 at the Slalom tournament table in Carmish-Bartenkirssen. All results and preliminary information can be found here.

How are the alpine ski men at the World Cup slalom in Carmish-Bartenkirssen?
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athlets Alpine skiingWorld Cup 2021/22 are still in the early stages of competing in challenging World Cup stages. Slalom is the next station for men competing athletes on February 26 and 27, 2022. Karmish-Bartenkirsen Stand on boards.

Alpine skiers challenge for World Cup after 2022 Winter Olympics

At the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, men won a gigantic event in alpine skiing – especially for athletes from Switzerland, Austria, France and the United States who showered Olympic medals; Slovenia, Norway and Canada, but the German alpine ski men were able to win Olympic silver in the mixed event. Now that the Olympic flame has been extinguished and the Games announced to be over, winter sports enthusiasts are once again excited to return to the World Cup.

Men’s Alpine Skiing World Cup halted at Carmish-Bartenkirson

For skiers, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will be the first World Cup to be held after the Games. All results of the Garmisch-Partenkirchen World Cup can be found here. Source: How to watch alpine skiing for men on TV and live!

Alpine Sky World Cup 2021/22: Men’s table at Carmish-Bartenkirssen

Date Start (CET) discipline
Saturday, 02/26/2022 9.30 am Men’s Slalom, first run
Saturday, 02/26/2022 12.30 pm Men’s Slalom, 2nd Run
Sunday, 02/27/2022 09.10 am Men’s Slalom, first run
Sunday, 02/27/2022 12.30 pm Men’s Slalom, 2nd Run

Men’s Alpine Skiing World Cup 2021/22: All results in men’s slalom at Carmish-Bartenkirssen

Here you can see how alpine skiing men are in Slalom in Carmish-Bartenkirson. Winter sports– Overview.

+++ February 26, 2022: Strauss Sixth in first Carmish slalom – Christopherson wins +++

Ski racer Linus Strauss missed the first expected podium spot at the two Slalom World Cups in Carmish-Bartenkirsen. The Munich native finished sixth in the German home race on Saturday. He was 1.01 seconds behind Norway’s Henrik Christopherson. Second, Swiss Loic Mailard (+0.14) was ahead of Austrian Manuel Feller (+0.51). Millard’s teammate Tangui Nef surprisingly advanced to the second round, but was later eliminated. Thanks to Christopherson’s victory, there are already seven different winners after seven slalom this World Cup season.

The other six German openers – including Alexander Schmidt and Julian Raufs, who won Olympic silver in the mixed team competition with Strauss a week ago – failed to make the second run. There is a second slalom in Gudiberg on Sunday.

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