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Frangarto – At the initiative of the local KVW Frangarto group, a talk was given by Dr. Paul Trebo, rheumatologist at Bolzano Hospital, on the topic of osteoarthritis in the fully occupied seniors’ room in Frangarto.

Mrs. Jutta Stedelli of the local KVW Fangarto group welcomed many visitors and the South Tyrol Rheumatology Association presented the association’s extensive activities. In January, the South Tyrol Rheumatology Association, in collaboration with the rheumatologist Dr. Silvia Zagnoni, prepared an information sheet on the topic of osteoarthritis, which was also distributed during the lecture.

And osteoporosis affects many people, which was also reflected in the lively interest of visitors. Rheumatologist Dr. Paul Trebo explained that osteoporosis is a disease of the skeletal system characterized by a decrease in bone mass and bone quality, which leads to increased osteoporosis and fractures.

Fractures most commonly occur in the femur, wrist, and vertebrae. After that, Dr. went. Paul Tripow in his lecture on risk factors for low bone mass that can and cannot be affected by D(E)XA bone density measurement explained that this is recommended for healthy women from age 65 and for healthy men from age 70.

You can also eat foods that contain calcium, such as Parmesan cheese or mineral water that contains calcium. Providing the body with vitamin D also plays an important role, and last but not least, exercise is of great importance. In this context, Dr. said. Paul Treebo on the range of exercises offered by the Rheumatology Association. After the successful evening, Dr. Paul Trebo remains available for questions.

“We would like to thank the local KVW group Frangart for the great collaboration in favor of the many affected. We would like to create a special set of exercises for patients with osteoarthritis,” conclude the President of the Rheumatology Association, Guenter Stolz, and the Managing Director, Andreas Varisco.

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