Alexander Zverev has been on probation for a year

BerlinDespite his highly indecent behavior at the tournament in Acapulco, Alexander Zverev can continue to play on the Tour of Tennis and thus also compete in the upcoming Desert Classic in Indian Wells. Hamburger received an eight-week ban for his ATP tournament fear in the coastal resort of Mexico, but the men’s professional ATP suspended that ban for a year plus an additional $25,000 fine.

As the ATP announced on Tuesday, Zverev cannot tolerate any further violations until February 22, 2023 – a year after the incident – or else penalties will remain in effect. The Olympic champion can appeal the results of the investigation until Friday. There was no reaction from him at first.

At the tournament in Acapulco, the third place in the world ranking repeatedly hit the referee’s chair with his racket after the defeat in the doubles, on which the referee was still sitting. He was disqualified and fined $40,000. In addition, the hamburger has to pay off the prize money of more than 30 thousand dollars and lose points in the world rankings.

Last weekend, Zverev led the German Davis Cup team to a 3-1 win in their first round match in Brazil. Initially, his participation in Rio de Janeiro was not planned at all because the date did not fit into his personal tournament schedule. In terms of sports, Zverev was convinced of his two-time singles victory, but was upset that Brazilian fans insulted him and hinted at his disqualification in Acapulco.

Onlookers crossed the line, and German number one complained. “You can hate me, not love me. If it goes against your family or against someone you love, the line will be crossed,” Zverev said. “And that has been crossed in almost every game here today.”

The tournament continues in Indian Wells. The men’s first round matches begin Thursday in the California desert, but Zverev will initially bid farewell and enter only the second round. Former world number one Mats Wellander of Sweden recently discussed a three- to six-month suspension and ban on major tournaments, including the event in Indian Wells, on Eurosport radio. First of all, a certain period of rehabilitation is necessary, Wellander said, only a fine is not enough.


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