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American Airlines Raises Checked Bag Fees for 2023

American Airlines has recently announced an increase in checked bag fees, affecting both bags checked at the airport and online through their website. The fee for bags checked at the airport will now be $40, up from $30, while bags checked online will cost $35, an increase from $30.

Additionally, the fee for a second checked bag has also risen to $45, up from $40, regardless of whether it is purchased online or at the airport. This marks the first increase in checked bag fees for American Airlines since 2018. However, passengers can still check their bags for free if they purchase a ticket for a premium cabin.

To offset these increased fees, American Airlines is encouraging passengers to become AAdvantage status members, which will allow them to receive complimentary bags on flights. Customers with an AAdvantage credit card will also receive their first eligible checked bag for free on domestic American Airlines itineraries.

In addition to the changes in checked bag fees, American Airlines is also adjusting its fee structure for checked items that are overweight, with fees now ranging from $30 to $450. Despite these changes, American Airlines posted a $19 million profit for the last three months of 2023, surpassing Wall Street estimates.

Overall, these updates in checked bag fees come as American Airlines continues to navigate the challenges of the aviation industry, providing passengers with transparency regarding their luggage costs while still offering perks for loyal customers.

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