“Again on Sundays”: The audience was angry about his performance

“Always Sundays”: Audiences get angry at his performance – “God”

Repeat on Sundays: 3 Facts You Didn’t Know About Mrs. Stephen

Repeat on Sundays: 3 Facts You Didn’t Know About Mrs. Stephen

Ms. Stephen has been reviewing “always on Sundays” since 2005. Here are three facts about a trumpet and a singer that you may not have known before.

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Finally again “Every time on Sundays“! On Sunday (June 12) the show with reviewer Stephen Mrose will glow across the screens. But one guest will make the audience angry from the start.

At “Every time on Sundays“Ms. Stephen has a variety of stars – mostly from the Schlazer scene – as guests. It can sometimes happen that not all the celebrities invited go well with the audience.

“Again and again on Sundays”: ER gets angry comments on Twitter

Why should the opening episode of 2022 be different? When Mrs. Stephen enters the stage at the beginning of the show, you can also see Giovanni Surrella. The singer even has his own show with the “Giovanni Zarella Show” on ZDF.

So a really popular guest – at least you might think so. But Twitter users see and criticize him differently when they see him on stage.

“Again and again on Sundays”: Audiences criticize Giovanni Jarrella’s call

“I saw Giovanni, my reaction: ‘Oh my God'”, one user makes his point clear. “Mozzarella is sticking at every step,” says another Twitter user.


It “Every time on Sundays“:

  • The first edition of “Always Sundays” ran on June 11, 1995 on ARD.
  • The show was managed by Max Shatser from 1995 to 2003
  • Sebastian Dale took over in 2004
  • Mrs. Stephen has been in charge since 2005
  • Various celebrities are seen as guests on the show
  • Tickets for the show are available online


Two viewers try to get something positive from the whole thing: “The good news: Giovanni Jarrella is not in ‘TV Garden’ today, but the bad news: but ‘always on Sundays’ and ‘always on Sundays’ is the background, but always seems old. Of course Jarella is there. After all, it’s our good fortune that he is not in ‘TV Garden’, “it said on Twitter.


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Clear words from the audience! (cf)


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