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Christmas Eve horror: Pedestrians in southern France find a beheaded body. Investigators have now arrested the murdered man’s companion in the room.

After a decapitated body was found in southern France, investigators arrested the 31-year-old’s roommate as the suspected perpetrator. The man confessed to killing the victim after a violent argument on Christmas Eve, the regional newspaper “La Debiche” reported, Monday, referring to the public prosecutor.

Body found – roommate confesses

After the act in the shared housing, the 50-year-old cut off his head and forearms in order to facilitate the disappearance of the body.

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Strollers discovered the severed body. Rescue workers discovered the dead man’s head on Christmas morning a few hundred meters away in a plastic bag.

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They also found severed forearms a short distance from the body on a country road in Albeas. They found a hole in the victim’s chest. The cause of the dispute is not yet known. (vd/dpa)

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