Yvonne Catterfield and Oliver Wonk split up. The singer announced this in a post on Instagram. Accordingly, the two have not been a couple since spring.

the singer Yvonne Caterfield No longer (42) and actor Oliver Knock (45) a married couple. On Instagram, Catterfield announced that she and her long-term partner are going their separate ways — and have been doing so since spring.

Yvonne Caterfield announces her split: ‘I haven’t been in love since Spring’

“We spend Christmas together – but we haven’t been lovers since this spring.” So Catterfield started the post, which shows her and Wnuk together. They both smile for the camera. Wnuk shared the same photo with the same text on his Instagram account.

The singer and actor have been a couple for about 14 years and they have a son, Charlie (7). Catterfield does not go into the exact reasons for the breakup, but notes that the two broke up on good terms. “Knowing that our paths will cross for a lifetime — just because of our son — makes us feel good,” Catterfield says.

Wnuk had posted a declaration of love to his girlfriend on Instagram in September of this year, when the two were apparently no longer a couple.

In it he wrote: “14 years ago, this woman – which cannot be described in words – came into my life and today we still walk – our son on our hand – connected and smiling along the way.” This doesn’t sound like a breakup at all.

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