Access Apples Official Diagnostics Tool Online for DIY Repairs

Apple Expands Self Service Repair Program to Include Diagnostics Tool Online for iPhone 15 and M2 Macs

Tech giant Apple has recently announced the expansion of its Self Service Repair program, now allowing users to access its diagnostics tool online. This new addition is applicable for the latest iPhone 15 series and M2-based Macs, providing users with an opportunity to test the functionality and performance of their devices and identify any potential repairs needed.

By simply entering their device’s serial number, users can now access a comprehensive diagnostic suite that includes tests for software, audio output, display pixel anomalies, cameras, and Face ID. This tool has been made available for devices with iOS 17.0 or macOS Sonoma 14.1 and later versions. Initially launched in the US, the online tool is expected to be rolled out in Europe by 2024.

While Apple’s expansion of the Self Service Repair program has been well-received by many, critics have highlighted their concerns regarding Apple’s use of parts pairing. According to critics, this approach limits the program’s effectiveness and poses a threat to the right to repair and device ownership rights. Self-repair activist group iFixit has expressed disappointment with Apple’s parts serialization, urging the company to reconsider its limitations.

Despite the criticisms, the Self Service Repair program has gained popularity and now supports a wide range of 35 products, including the newly released Apple M2-based MacBooks and Mac Minis. Additionally, for those who prefer to repair their own devices, Apple offers the option to rent tool repair kits. However, these kits have faced criticism for their bulkiness and limited rental periods.

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It is worth noting that Apple has shown support for state and national right-to-repair bills, further emphasizing their commitment to making repairs more accessible to consumers. With the expansion of the Self Service Repair program, Apple aims to simplify the repair process for its users. Currently available in 33 countries worldwide, the program is recommended for experienced electronics repair users.

In conclusion, Apple’s introduction of an online diagnostics tool for its Self Service Repair program marks a significant step towards empowering users to take charge of their device repairs. As the program expands, Apple continues to advocate for right-to-repair initiatives, aiming to make repairs more convenient and accessible for its customers globally.


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