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‘A rollercoaster of emotions’: Melanie Mueller wins ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

“A roller coaster of emotions”
Melanie Mueller named ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

By Verena Maria Dietrich

Olivia Jones goes shopping at Penny’s, pig farmer Uwe wants to go home, and there’s someone who is glad “All Germany” knows him now. In the end, the victory in “Celebrity Big Brother” belongs to Melanie Muller, who was especially happy with one thing: her humanity restored.

“I think Big Brother gave me back what I had been missing – more humanity.” These are the first words Melanie Mueller spoke to the camera after her victory. She is now, according to Big Brother, “the most famous celebrity of all time”. In a simple black figure-hugging mini dress and her bald head, the Saxon looks like she just stepped off the set of the movie “Mad Max”. In fact, it stayed in the container for three long weeks, most recently on the so-called “big planet”.

Tears of gratitude, relief, but also happiness rolled down her cheeks during these minutes, perhaps also because in the end it was a “too narrow box” because it wasn’t the ugly farmer Ui Abel, but she won the day.

Until the end of three long weeks. It’s a day that broadcaster Shrobe announced with the following words: “No one who reached the finals of the Big Brother Celebrity Championship will be forgotten.” Sure, of course we all know who has won this show in the last four hundred years. But maybe something will stay in people’s minds longer. For example, that cute runner-up, pig farmer Oy, was “the rock of normalcy in the vortex of madness”.

Olivia Jones “Legendary” Penny Shopping

Otherwise, this ending will be as exciting as a visit to the orthodontist. Simply awesome, how you are constantly trying to create a certain drama and tension, including many superlatives. Everything is always bigger, better and more beautiful than ever. Indeed, in this unprecedented galactic situation, it is very difficult not to fall asleep right away.

Even Olivia Jones who goes shopping for kicked out candidates and of course Penny’s “Marlinchin” can’t do much. Schropp advertises the biscuit purchase number in advance – you guessed it – as a “legendary purchase”. Events usually only happen once, only to be seen as legendary at some point, later on, but in the world of TV you make your own world. There is also someone who has a few hundred thousand followers on Instagram, but there is not much more to offer.

All allegorical events are presented as salient features. We found out what the four contestants would do with the money if they won. Danny Lidtke would like to invest in acting training in the USA, the other three would like to help children and set up a business or Muti would like to “buy a car”. Every now and then there were old interviews with the murdered candidates, who would sit elegantly in the middle of the audience and say something like: “I was glad to be there.” – “We were glad you were there too.”

The Working Pig has found itself again

Melanie Muller’s reflection on her past life is almost poignant. She and her husband were just toiling, they would simply be a “working pig” and thus would lose a lot of the lives of their young children together. So she also said that she was “not a big talk guy” and thanked the production team, the audience, and their fans in particular. To say the least is that her participation in this show allowed her to “find herself again”.

In this 9th season, there was a lot of tears, celebration, drawing lessons, screaming, and suddenly some people went bald. Fourth place goes to fashion entrepreneur Papis Loveday, and third place goes to Danny Liedtke, who later apologized to moderators for his behavior on the move. He was excited, and this “roller coaster of emotions” does something for you. Reality TV should definitely not be underestimated – anyone who always complains should do better. He is proud of himself and all the candidates.

“Follow me on Instagram!”

We see a slightly annoyed Danny Buchner, a gloomy-looking guy named Ravi, the former moderator of “Everything Goes!” Who praised his badly colored hairstyle, and people who claimed a different side of themselves when they moved on to Want to Show, which didn’t appear then. Someone whose last name resembles a former East German politician is glad that “all Germany” knows him now and asks the “ladies” in front of their home screens: “Follow me on Instagram!”

Finally, the only thing you want to do is hug Farmer Abel a little bit. On the one hand, for the fact that he “gave everything” and “opened his cage”, on the other hand, for his words that he could not sum up better this evening: “Come on, we want to get ready here!

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