A new investigation into the missing “Vatican Girl”.
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Emanuela Orlandi from Campidoglio to Piazza Saint Peter's Roma S Fotogramma gia
What happened to Emanuela Orlandi? On June 22, 1983, the 15-year-old did not return home after a music lesson in the old town of Rome. © Imago

The girl, Emanuela Orlandi, has been missing since June 1983. Now the Italian judiciary is reopening the missing persons case – there are documents from the Vatican.

ROME – Almost 40 years ago, the fifteen-year-old did not return home after a music lesson in the old town of Rome – it was June 22, 1983. Despite extensive investigations, there is no trace of a senior’s daughter – Order of the Vatican Officer. Now the Rome Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the case – for the third time.

The Emanuela Orlandi Case: Documents from the Vatican – Investigations Reopened

It’s a twist on one of the greatest mysteries in Italian criminal history. This time, the Italian judiciary wants to work with prosecutors in the Vatican. The new investigations in the case of Emanuela Orlandi are entrusted to the Prosecutor Stefano Luciani, the Italian media unanimously reported.

Documents, files and reports from the past few decades will be re-examined as well as the protocols of witness statements, which have been kept by the Vatican’s Commissioner for Justice in the past few weeks, including by clergy. Is there a hot drive this time? The Italian judiciary closed the case for the last time in 2015.

  • June 22, 1983: Immediately after Emanuela disappeared in 1983, the Italian judiciary launched the first investigations and closed them in 1997.
  • 2008: Italy reopens the second investigation in the case of Emanuela Orlandi. And according to Sabrina Minardi, lover of the chief of the Roman Magliana clan, the case is back in the spotlight. So Enrico de Pedis must have been involved in the case. The investigation was dropped in 2015 with no results.
  • 2023: The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Rome investigates again the Orlandi missing persons case – in cooperation with the Vatican.

…to find out the truth about Emanuela

“We hope for sincere cooperation between the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Rome and the Vatican in the search for the truth,” said Laura Sgro, a lawyer for the Orlandi family, according to what was reported by the Italian news agency “ANSA”. “The reopening of the investigation is good news because we have been waiting for years to find out the truth about Emanuela,” Sgro said.

Is the Vatican involved in the case of Emanuela Orlandi?

Emanuele’s brother Pietro Orlandi is worried about his sister’s unknown fate. For decades he has been committed to finding the truth. Recently, Orlandi stirred up controversy by appearing on a TV show. the The missing person’s brother made serious allegations against the late Pope John Paul II. Orlandi appears to have hit a wasp’s nest, according to the Italian press. This suspicion was underestimated by Pope Francis.

In January 2023, the Vatican yielded to public pressure and reopened the case. Since then, the Papal States Prosecutor’s Office has been investigating again and is therefore following the wishes of the family. The release of the Netflix series Vatican Girl added even more pressure. the Pontifex itself has also campaigned for investigations “without consideration”. Both Merkur.de mentioned.

New investigations are based on Corriere della Sera Above all on the statements of the former public prosecutor Giancarlo Capaldo, according to which two representatives of the Vatican promised him to reveal the whereabouts of Orlandi’s body. In 2019, the Vatican opened a two-footed vault in search of the remains of the missing. According to investigators, only ancient bones were found in it. (ml with article from afp)


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