A man saves himself with a drone

A car crash could have been fatal for a man in the United States. But he had a great idea.

A man drove his car on a road without winter maintenance in the US state of Oregon – and got stuck in the cold and snow. A situation that can quickly become life-threatening due to the weather, especially without cell phone reception.

However, the person in question had a good, saving idea, as reported by the BBC news channel. Instead of setting off on foot, the man sent his drone on his way. He had attached his mobile phone to this, on which he had previously written an SMS to a familiar person – with his position.

The report says that when the plane reached an altitude of several hundred meters, the mobile phone received a call and was able to send the save message. The assistants finally made their way to the man.

“smart choices”

According to the BBC, “several wise decisions” endorsed the man’s incoming assistants. This does not include driving on the snow-covered road in the Willamette National Forest, but the behavior afterward. The man stayed with his car, a very important decision because his family had left and his whereabouts were unknown to anyone.

“Rarely does anyone in Oregon die waiting to be found and rescued in their car,” said the Lynn County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue, which was in charge of the rescue operation. It will be different for people who are going out on their own.

Of course, not every driver has a drone with them. However, another driver was found by rescue workers at the exact same time as the drone pilot. He endured several days in the cold.


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