A female student gets bitten more than 200 times by mosquitoes, and finds herself out of work

Summer rhymes return with the return of mosquitoes. Then the bites, itching and noise pollution from these tiny insects become a daily hassle. Manon, a twenty-year-old student from Herault, was the victim of health problems after hundreds of mosquito bites.

“I’ve never seen that before. They went everywhere”

As part of her studies, the student had to spend two months in the Gard to work in the melon field. On Monday, July 4th, as she was crossing the fields in Forquis, a town in Gard near the Camargue Natural Regional Park, Manon was attacked by mosquito clouds. ” I’ve never seen that before. They got everywhere, in my mouth, under my sunglasses …“,” She says on a daily basis free lunch . It is surprising that ” Looks like some of my colleagues haven’t been bitten».

However, the female student took precautions by wearing long clothes and protecting herself with mosquito repellents, which were not activated. I noticed, at home, that her legs swollen and covered with blisters ». « I’m back over 200!“She is upset. The pain does not decrease and prevents him from sleeping. She cannot even touch her legs, which burns them.

The “never heard of” reaction

Although she is not allergic to mosquitoes, the doctor who consults the student tells her that she had a violent reaction to the many bites. The prescribed treatment will finally relieve the pain, but the doctor who issued him a sick leave, ” I’ve never seen such a reaction So it is categorical: no more places infested with mosquitoes, the young woman should avoid being again exposed to such bites.

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A female student gets bitten more than 200 times by mosquitoes, and finds herself out of work


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