6 tips to cut calories

2. Chew well

Digestion begins in the mouth when we chew our food. In the process, enzymes are released through saliva, breaking down carbohydrates and fats. If you take your time with your food and chew it well, you will usually eat less. Because after about 15 minutes you start feeling full. In addition, thorough chewing aims to release certain hormones into the intestines that act as natural appetite suppressants.

3. Get enough sleep

Do you also know this phenomenon? After a night that was too short, do you feel more like eating the next day? Researchers have found that lack of sleep activates the brain’s reward system, which leads to cravings for sweet or fatty foods. For this reason, lack of sleep can permanently reduce the success of weight loss. The amount of sleep you need is individual. Most people pass seven to eight hours.

4. Eat without distraction

Do you like having your meals in front of the TV, computer or mobile phone in your hand? You’re Not Alone – Many people look for distraction, entertainment, or a distraction when eating. However, there is a risk that the feeling of fullness is becoming less noticeable – or not perceived at all. As a result, you often eat more than your actual hunger and consume unnecessarily many calories. So we recommend: Enjoy your food with all your senses, without turning on the TV at the same time.

5. Healthy snacks

To satisfy increased hunger or cravings, we like to reach for sweets like chocolate and bears. But constantly snacking is a real fattening factor, especially if you turn to high-calorie foods. Healthy and tasty alternatives are, for example, a handful of nuts, fruit or vegetable sticks with herb quark.

6. Keep a food diary

Here’s a bar of chocolate, there’s a piece of cake in the afternoon and pizza at dinner – we quickly lose track of what we’ve eaten all day. To unravel one or the other calorie traps, it is helpful to write a food diary. Just write down what you eat each day. Thanks to the diary, you can get a very good overview of your eating habits and you can take healthy measures more easily.


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