4: 3 on penalties - Basel after a crime against Hammarby in the League Conference - Sport

  • FC Basel only eliminated Hammarby in the second second leg of the Conference League on penalties (4:3).
  • Basel is in reserve in overtime, but she shows her morale and ties the overall score to 4:4.
  • In the second half, the Swedes offset the 1:3 mortgage from the first stop within 5 minutes.

In the end, he was at the forefront of Basel’s delight: Arthur Cabral. The Brazilian scored three goals in the first leg, but also scored two goals in the Stockholm match. One of them is in the penalty shootout. Cabral put the final point in a match that could hardly have been more nerve-racking – and thus caused Basel to vent.

The basler shows morals

An example of this is the extension: Aziz Ouattara managed in the 101st minute to make the home team 3-0. Hammarby player started from a very suspicious situation. In the Conference League playoffs, there is no VAR technology, which is why the decision of the referee team cannot be controlled. Bayern’s exit seemed imminent.

But Joker Afimiko Pololo wanted to write a special story. The FCB striker has only played 8 minutes this season and has played with ideas of change. And in front of Hammarby he took a penalty in the 109th minute. Cabral confidently turned to 1: 3, the overall score was again balanced.

Hammarby shock and two FCB shocks

By the way, in the second half, Hammarby only needed 5 minutes to make up the 1:3 mortgage from the first stop. In the 48th minute, Darijan Bojanic took a free kick, Bjorn Poulsen came back, and Pagtim Kasami ran away, but Jon Fjolsson shook his head to make the score 1-0. And defender Fjoluson did not have enough: after a short time he shot from distance at Cabral, who turned the ball into his own goal.

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Bayern improved after a tactical change. In the 67th minute, Fabian Frey was converted from central defender to attacking midfielder in the new 4-2-3-1 formation. The Basler surprisingly started the match with a score of 3-5-2.

First attractive, then sexy

This worked in the first half. It was severe. Spectators at the Stockholm Arena created an atmosphere they are no longer accustomed to after months of empty stands.

Early pressing, aggressive duels and fast ball combos made for an attractive game on both sides. This should be nerve-wracking and exciting in the end. It could be fine with Bayern, because they have kept the better end to themselves and will be able to watch with excitement the next day which group of opponents they meet.


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