3G: Blessed, healthy, peaceful
Merry Christmas to NTV

Even in the second year of the epidemic, Christmas Eve feels more carefree than ever. However, Merry Christmas to you and your family. Be or be healthy and above all: be calm. This crisis will also pass. Your team from NTV.

Vaccinations against coronavirus are carried out at Cologne Cathedral on Christmas Eve, and in many cities in Germany people spend their mornings at the vaccination center instead of looking for gifts in crowded city centers. Many fans in Austria and Switzerland may have done without the annual snowfall in the mountains: even in the second year of the epidemic, Christmas feels more carefree than usual. We need to break the traditions of love. There will be more space on many tables than in previous years. Being confident and optimistic is hard for many.

Dear readers, we at NTV wish you a happy holiday anyway: Stay healthy and calm. Set aside time tonight for your loved ones and yourself. Believe and be confident. But above all, stay or be healthy. This crisis will also pass.

As in previous months, we will keep you updated on the latest news. Of course in the coming hours and days. Stay in balance with us. Your team from NTV.

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