3 exercises to flatten the abdomen

Lose Weight With Pilates: 3 Abdominal Flattening Exercises

1. Criss Cross

Criss Cross exercises, also known as bugs, are one of the most popular Pilates exercises for a reason. Because you train the deep and superficial oblique abdominal muscles. The muscles of the thighs and thighs are also under strain.

This is how it works: Lie on your back on your mat and extend your legs straight. Now bend your arms and lift your upper body. Now bend your left knee and bring your right elbow to your knee while keeping the other leg tight in the air. Then do it on the other side.

2. Raising the leg

Leg raises, also known as calf raises, are also an effective abdominal exercise. This mainly targets the lower abs. But other abdominal muscles and hip muscles are also trained with leg raises.

This is how it works: Lie on your back on your mat with your legs extended about six inches off the floor. Now raise your outstretched legs so that they form a 45-degree angle with the floor. Hold this position for a while and then come back down. Make sure your back stays on the mat the entire time.

3. Plank

Another stomach classic is the plank, which primarily challenges the mid-body, but also trains the shoulders, back, glutes, chest and front thighs.

This is how it works: For the deep vacuum, lie on your stomach on your mat with your legs straight and hip-width apart. Place forearms on mat, shoulders over elbows, toes pointed. Now push yourself up with your arms and hold this position. Your body is in a straight line and your gaze is straight ahead. Be sure to maintain tension, especially in the core.

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