3 best exercises for women over 50

3 best exercises for women over 50

1. Jump rope

The hormonal changes associated with menopause and with age increase the risk of heart disease and depression. We can effectively prevent this with the help of sports activities – for example with cardio training such as jumping rope. On the one hand, endurance sports train and strengthen the heart, and on the other hand, happy hormones are released that lift our spirits. Another plus: in 10 minutes you can burn as many calories while jumping rope like jogging for half an hour. Sports also have a positive effect on your personality.

2. Squatting

In addition to endurance sports, weight lifting exercises should also be done regularly, as this increases bone density. In addition to the fact that muscle training strengthens the joints, prevents wear and tear, contributes to good posture and gets the body in shape. It is not for nothing that squats are one of the most effective exercises of all – after all, with the so-called squats, you train the thighs and buttocks in particular, but also exercise your stomach, back and leg. It is best to perform squats two to three times a week, in three sets of 15 sets each.

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3. Shoulder pressure

Also important for women over 50: exercises for the shoulders and arms. Strong core muscles can improve posture and prevent intervertebral disc problems, which often occur in old age. For example, an overhead press is a great way to work your shoulders, chest, neck, core, and triceps muscles.

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